The Best Cloning Gels and Powders for Cannabis

Cloning cannabis can be a very rewarding thing as you can end up getting a vast amount of plants and blooms. However, trying to propagate your cannabis plants can be difficult sometimes. The right cutting angle and cloning formulas are very important things and one wrong step with them can lead to your plants not growing correctly, or not even growing at all. This article will highlight some of the best cloning gels and powders you can use to help you propagate your cannabis plants and give you some tips as to how to best use these materials.

What is a Cloning Gel and Powder?

A cloning gel or powder is a special formula that is designed to help your plant clipping to grow roots. If you just soak the clipping in water or try to grow it in soil without the use of these materials, it can be very difficult for that clipping to grow. Because of this, cloning gels and powders help the plant clippings to be full of the needed nutrients and vitamins so they can quickly grow roots.

How Do I Use These Materials?

Cloning gels and powders are extremely easy to use. You usually just need to take your plant clipping, dip in water, and then dip it in the gel or powder. You can then plant the clipping in soil where the gel and powder will then go to work to help the plant clipping produce roots.

What are the Differences Between a Cloning Gel and Cloning Powder?

Both of these things have the same purpose: to help your plant clippings grow roots. While they have the same purpose, they achieve this in different ways. Cloning powders are a traditional way to help clone a plant. It wasn’t until recently that cloning gels were actually introduced to the indoor gardening market.

While gels are a newer option and often have a more sophisticated formula, they do have some problems. Gels tend to cause root rot sometimes, especially if you plan to use the plant clipping with hydroponic systems. Also, sometimes the gels can fall off easily which means the clone might not have been fully covered with the needed nutrients and vitamins. Cloning powder can fall off, but it’s not as much as a gel.

Overall though, both options work well, but it’s often shown that cloning powder tends to help plants grow just a little faster compared to a cloning gel. However, both types will work to help your plant clippings grow well and into strong and healthy plants.

Where to Cut on Your Plants

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you need to pay close attention to where you cut the clone. If you cut a clone off from a part of the plant that isn’t well-grown or strong yet, that can negatively impact your clone. For this reason, you first want to do a simple test on the plant to see where you should cut it. This test involves you just bending the plant a little and looking at its stem. If the stem breaks slightly in a certain area when you bend it, that is the place you want to clip. This is because the stem is tender and fully developed in that area which is vital if you want a healthy clone to grow.

To cut this part of the stem off, you want to use a clean pair of scissors. Make sure the scissors have been wiped off before using them on your plant or any particles and bacteria that might be on the blades could be wiped off onto your plant which could end destroying it.

You want to then take the scissors and cut the stem at a 45 degree angle. This angle is often recommended by seasoned growers because you’ll have more of a surface on the stem with it which can help more roots to grow.

The Best Cloning Gels and Powders

Clonex Cutting and Cloning Solution


This product comes in the form of a spray and gel. You can use the spray that comes with it on your plants a few days before you clip a clone off. The spray will help to prepare the plant for being cut to ensure it doesn’t go into any type of shock.

The gel included is made with a unique hormone mixture which will help the plant clipping to have enough nutrients in order to grow on its own. This gel comes in a 7.8 oz. jar.




Technaflora Rootech


This product is a very thick gel which is designed in a way to help it stick securely on your plant clipping. The gel is filled with helpful vitamins and nutrients to help your clone produce healthy roots. If you think the gel is a little too thick to use on your plants, you can dilute it without fear of diminishing the ingredients in the gel. This cloning gel comes in many different container size options.





Garden Safe TakeRoot



This cannabis cloning powder comes in a 2.4 oz. container and is created with an Indole-3-Butyric Acid. This acid will help your plants to quickly develop long roots. To use this powder, you just have to dip your cannabis clone’s stem into it and then plant it. The powder will stick securely to the stem and help it to grow.




Quick Clone

This cloning gel comes in a 3 oz. container and is made with a very thick formula. This formula is made with a tea base, as well as leaves and bark, to help the clone grow healthy roots quickly. This gel also has amino acids mixed into it to help with keeping the clone strong and healthy. For this gel to work properly, you want to make sure to dip the plant clipping in water beforehand. After planting your clone this gel will work to help it develop roots within 5-10 days.






Olivia’s Cloning Gel

This container of cannabis cloning gel will help your clone to grow quickly. This gel can be used safely in hydroponic systems and is designed to help prevent transplant shock from occurring. It uses NPK to help produce roots on your cuttings and contains no IBA. This gel comes in 3 different container sizes: 2, 4, and 8 oz.








Miracle-Grow Fast Root

This cannabis cloning powder can work to clone cuttings that have a 4-6 inch stem. You can just simply dip the stem into this powder and then plant it. This product uses a 1% Indole-3-Butyric Acid formula and comes in a 1.3 oz. container.








These cloning gels and powders for cannabis are some of the best to use with your plants. The benefits of cannabis are vast, which is why you want to make sure you have a large supply of these plants. By using these gels and powders, your clone will develop strong and healthy roots so it can quickly grow into a mature plant. If you’re looking to clone your cannabis plants, definitely check out some of these helpful products.

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